Importance of 3D Plans

Floor plans are not always easy to read, this is why we invest in proper 3D modeling of your home before the work even begins.
March 22, 2023

Are you worried about the depth, heights and other details of your house plan? How about we convert the worry to confidence? 

Floor plans are not always easy to read, this is why we invest in proper 3D modeling of your home before the work even begins. The 3D model illustrates your home in the most realistic way that will ease the apprehension of the planning phase. It is designed in colors. Hence, a more realistic view. 3D house plans are accurate and visualized to help comprehend the architectural dimensions of every room in your house before the construction begins. 

The 3D model clearly defines the layout physically, inside and out. Thanks to a 3D model, you can easily make decisions before the spade hits the dirt. It creates confidence since it's the actual representation of your house, so you can have more realistic expectations and peace of mind throughout the process.  

Light up your home naturally and artificially - The art of Light

Part of the architecture is the importance of light. An additional tool 3D Modeling provides is a Niichel Design Sun Study. To assess where there will be a need for window coverings, or sun control and glare. A Sun Study illustrates how the sun penetrates the rooms in real time. So you can get a realistic understanding of the sunlight of each room from sunrise to sunset. It is specific to your latitude and longitude as well as the time of day and season. 

This is also something we utilize for artificial lighting plans. We don’t want to just blast the house with a high level of light. We create layers of lighting, crafted for working, for mood, for entertaining and drama for art. You can’t see your space without light which makes this one of the most important elements often an afterthought. 

A 3D Walkthrough of Your Home

You can edit your house plan before construction, saving you money and time. With 3D rendering, Niichel Design can visually present your furniture and décor before purchasing begins. We illustrate the details of your doors, windows, ceiling, cabinets etc. to design your dream space. The next step is adding furniture, textures and lighting. Hence, before moving in, you will have a real feel to your entire house, and spaces.

3D rendering enables you to get a clear understanding of the proximity and relationship between different rooms. For example, a home office workspace for privacy that doesn’t disrupt the other members of the household.  If you have young children, you can arrange the children's room near yours for easy access and monitoring when they are asleep. As well as many other arrangements to fit your lifestyle. 

At Niichel Design, we value innovation and 3D modeling to deliver the best possible service to our clients to live the life of their dreams.