The Keep

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About this Project
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All exterior elements were chosen with the goal of no maintenance. This was accomplished with Shou-sugi-ban 'burnt wood', aluminum panels, carbonized bamboo and stack stone. The roof is capped with solar panels and metal. The lighting was carefully designed to accent the architecture. Melt down glass panel in the front door adds another artistic detail to the architecture and privacy.
Motorized kitchen window seamlessly flows into the wall to blend the indoor and outdoor kitchen and entertaining space into one. The unobstructed view of the Rocky Mountains is seen through the kitchen and dining room. The stone on the fire place is structured but free formed, polish and honed hand-carved stone. The burnt wood wall creates a great backdrop for art.
The sleek but functional kitchen is divided into two distinct zones. One for the sous chef and execution. The veining on the island countertop runs continuously up and across the counter.
Each piece of furniture was chosen for its artistic style as well as comfort. The subtle fabrics allow the forms of the chairs to be dominant.
The glass walls disappear. Daniels peak is framed like a piece of art. The bamboo soffit flows from outside and inside blending the indoors and outdoors spaces. The flooring and the walls continue inside and outside, further blurring the lines.
The house nestles into the site, the orientation was chosen for the views and sun exposure.